Understanding the OBiON App for iOS and the OBi110 Service Bridge

Phone Amego recently added support for the OBiHAI family of VoIP adaptors including the OBi110 and OBi100 which allow you make calls via Google Voice without a separate telephone service. This introduction walks through the process of configuring the OBi110 and OBiON app to illustrate what is possible.

The OBi110 service bridge is a deceptively powerful device capable of connecting and bridging Google Chat (XMPP), an SIP based VoIP provider, a regular phone line (PSTN), a locally attached analog phone, and other devices on the OBiTALK network including remote OBi adaptors and iOS devices running the OBiON application (available from the App Store).

To start, we’ll assume you just received an OBi110 from Amazon and would like to set it up.

(1) Create an OBiTALK account for yourself at www.obitalk.com
You will need to enter a valid Email address, a password of your choice, and your OBiTALK number which appears on the bottom of your OBi110 adaptor. The OBiTALK website will confirm your Email address and register your OBi device.

(2) Although it is possible to configure you OBi device using a locally connected web browser through the web configuration portal, the OBiTALK website provides an OBiTALK configuration portal that simplifies much of the configuration process. Login to the OBiTALK website and proceed to the configuration “Dashboard”.

(3) Select your device from the list of “OBi Endpoints” and confirm the basic device configuration. Most of the fields are already completed for you, so you may only need to adjust the time zone, give your OBi device a convenient display name to help you identify it, and assign an optional PIN to access the Auto Attendant.

(4) If you want to use your OBi110 to make Google Voice calls, move down to the Configure Voice Services section and click on Service Provider 1. From here you can select Google Voice, enter your login credentials, and press submit. Almost everything except creating your Google Voice account is done for you. You will need to place at least one Google Chat call using Gmail from a web browser to allow your OBi device to make outgoing Google Chat calls. I understand this is for legal reasons so you can acknowledge there is no emergency 911 service. Adding a VoIP service like CallCentric or sipgate.com is similarly easy.

(5) Your OBi110 adaptor allows you to select between two Internet Telephone Service Providers (SP1/SP2 selected by **1/**2), a regular telephone LINE (**8), and the OBiTALK network (**9). To make placing Google Voice calls easier, you can use the local web configuration portal to select a default service provider such as SP1 that is configured to use Google Voice. You can use ***1 from a connected phone to have the OBi110 adaptor announce its currently assigned IP address.

Now comes the fun part.

(6) Download the OBiON app to your iOS device. Launch the app and login using your OBiTALK account information. Notice your iOS device is assigned a 9-digit OBiTALK number. You’ll need this later.

(7) Back at the OBiTALK dashboard, “Softphone” should now appear in the list of OBiTALK endpoints. Select it, give it a name, and tell it to use your OBi110 device as its default OBi Voice Gateway.

(8) To make your OBi110 accept single stage dialing without going through the Auto Attendant from your iOS device, use the web configuration portal to set:

VoiceServices->AutoAttendant->OutboundCallroute =

(9) From the OBiON app on your iOS device, you can now dial 2*phoneNumber to place a call using the default service on your OBi adaptor (such as Google Voice). The “2*” prefix selects the OBi device whose OBi number is stored in speed dial position 2 (which should have been configured for you automatically). This call uses VoIP over WiFi (or 3G) to connect with your OBi110 where it is bridged to Google Voice. You can make this call from anywhere in the world, or allow others to make similar calls by adding them to your “Circle of Trust”.

Notice the call is duly logged and displayed by Phone Amego.

(10) When a call arrives at your OBi110, I understand you can have it ring up to 4 devices on the OBiTalk network if desired. Similar to the way Google Voice allows one number to ring all your phones.

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction and look forward to adding more support for the OBi110 in future versions of Phone Amego.

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