A Better Way to Keep Track of your Calls

If you are a small business owner who uses a Mac, a landline phone, and an iPhone or iPad, Phone Amego can tie them all together. You can be notified with on-screen caller ID for calls received on your landline or your iPhone. You can return a call with one-click from your desktop. You can log calls in iCal as a separate calendar including the time and caller ID. By synching your calendar, you can keep a searchable record of your phone calls on your iPhone or iPad. Just type a contacts name or number in the calendar search field to see a record of your conversations.

If you use Growl (a notification system for Mac OS X) and Prowl (a Growl client for iOS), you can use your iPhone or iPad as a caller ID display for your landline phone(s). When a call comes in, a push notification will appear on your iOS device. You can dismiss the notification, or open the Prowl application to see a list of your calls. Tapping on the phone number will ask if you want to create a new contact or add it to an existing one.

The basic steps to configure Growl notification on your iOS device are as follows:

(1) Download and install Prowl on your iOS device.

(2) Goto the developers website and download the Prowl plug-in for your Mac .

(3) Create a Prowl account on the developers site.

(4) Launch the Growl Preference Pane on your Mac. Click on “Display Options” and scroll down to “Prowl” in the Display Styles list. Enter your account credentials and how you want to be notified.

(5) Launch Prowl on your iOS device and login to your account.


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I'm an independent Mac developer specializing in networking and communications
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3 Responses to A Better Way to Keep Track of your Calls

  1. Applemany says:

    Sorry to see phone amego seems less viable outside USA and Canada. Is there an alternative way of getting VOIP in placs like UK where Google Voice doesnt yet exist!?
    I am looking for something like Blue Phone Elite.

  2. Peter Sichel says:

    Phone Amego works with Bluetooth cell phones, landlines, VoIP adaptors, and Google Voice. Obviously Google Voice is not useful in areas where it isn’t available. What many Blue Phone Elite users are looking for is a way to send and receive SMS directly through their cell phone. Phone Amego does not support this.

    Zach Rosen the developer of BPE spent years testing dozens of cell phones in order to support sending and receiving SMS messages from the desktop, only to find this feature undercut by the iPhone which does not support it.

    • Peter Sichel says:

      With iOS6 the iPhone now supports Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile) for receiving SMS. I’ve added support for receiving SMS in Phone Amego accordingly. Unfortunately Apple does not yet allow sending SMS via Bluetooth even though this is expected and supported in most MAP implementations.

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